Exploring how digital technology can be used to preserve, protect, and mobilize knowledge about Qikiqtaruk Herchel Island

The significance of Herschel Island or Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park derives from its continuous use by both Inuvialuit and Euro-North American groups over the last 800 years, and the natural and cultural histories of the park. Of these cultural resources, there are several historic structures that are being threatened by rising sea levels, increased shoreline erosion, and increasingly violent storms caused by the disappearance of sea ice. Reality capture technologies like terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) and aerial photogrammetry can be used to digitally capture and preserve these heritage resources. This archive serves as a repository for these digital data sets so they will remain accessible to future generations. Scroll down or click on the button below to view interactive 3D models and other content!


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Ikagin House

Ikagin House

Captain McKenna of the Pacific Steam Whaling Co. built this cabin for his own use in 1893. It was constructed utilizing materials left over from the construction of Building No.4. The building underwent a number of changes over the years including the shi…

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