Inuvialuit Sod House

This point cloud is of a Mackenzie Inuit sod house, one of the largest ever excavated in the Western Canadian Arctic. It was investigated over two summers at the Kuukpak site, located on the east channel of the Mackenzie Delta. The project was led Dr. Max Friesen, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto. The house was scanned by Christina Robinson, University of Calgary. This unique dwelling is similar to sod houses found at Pauline Cove, Qikiqtaruk/Herschel Island – many of which are at risk due to flooding and erosion. Driftwood deposited by storm surges and ice rafting is also scouring out and covering over the remains of many sod houses. A computer reconstruction of this dwelling can be seen here:



Field Documentation:

August 17, 2017

Field Documentation Type:

Terrestrial LiDAR

Historic Period:






Threat Level